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Transformational Coaching is a life  coaching organisation based in London, dedicated to help our clients find direction and purpose in their lives. Whether personal or business, Transformational Coaching aims to assist people who feel ‘stuck in life’ yet have a desire  to move on and achieve their full potential. Sarisha Naidoo, founder of Transformational Coaching, hails from the Rainbow Nation, South Africa but has made a home for herself under London’s grey skies where she has discovered her true passion for helping other people find their paths in life.

Sarisha has a background in the legal profession, having completed a Bachelor of Laws degree in South Africa and an advanced certificate in Compliance from Manchester Business School. Her rich corporate experience in practising as an admitted attorney for several years as well as a stint as a successful entrepreneur coupled with her passion for helping people get their lives back on track, prompted her to acquire the relevant coaching skills and transform her career. She is a certified Master Life Coach and has further accreditation in the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Mindfulness coaching.

Not only does Sarisha offer the benefit of having acquired significant success in her professional and business career, she has also experienced and had to overcome significant adversity. Having gone through a personal journey of having to overcome major trauma, burnout, mental breakdown, financial difficulty and a divorce, she has developed immense compassion and deep empathy for people facing seemingly unsurmountable personal obstacles. This combination of life and business experience through ups and downs, ensures that the coaching process offered is grounded in authenticity and real life success.

Seeking support from Transformational Coaching gains you supportive cheerleaders; individuals who will help you overcome the challenges in life and celebrate the success with you. It is through these experiences that you will experience growth, achieve confidence, and believe in yourself regardless of the stumbling blocks that may appear in your way.

Random facts about me

  • I used to be a lawyer
  • I love life and London
  • I’m not always happy though I aim to be
  • I used to be peoples pleaser
  • I love spicy food, shoes and bags in no specific order.
  • I’m very much a dog rather than a cat person.
  • I practice both honesty and open-mindedness.
  • I am a feminist and a generous person and always help where i can
  • My confidence is sometimes mistaken with arrogance.
  • I’m prepared to try everything once. Except for drugs.
  • In everything I do, I aim for perfection
  • I am spiritual, compassionate and realised that meditation and spirtuality is my saviour
  • I love entertaining just as much as i like research
  • I believe in racial, religious and sexual orientation equality i google everything
  • My only ‘drug’ is red wine really
  • My father taught me to be kind and to love everyone and my mother to take shit from no-one and to be an independent women. This is something I live by every day. They were disappointed when I left work to be a stay at home mum….back on track now and they couldnt bev prouder
  • I don’t watch the news, I do spend more time watching Netflix recently
  • wish i had an infectious laughter like my best friend Vicky I know people and personal development,
  • I found my purpose in life, which is to help others navigate their path in life.

London Life Coach Sarisha Naidoo is rated 5 stars on LinkedIn and Facebook Life Coach Sarisha is a member of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and receives regular ongoing supervision and professional training.


  • Master Coach with several different coaching qualifications
  • Certificates in NLP, CBT, Mindfulness
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Compliance
  • B.Proc
  • LLB(law)
  • Life experience

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