Coaching vs therapy

find your path in life

Has its basis in personal growth and development Has its basis in medical and clinical settings
Focuses on unlocking potential, positive action, achieving life objectives, improving life satisfaction Focuses on treating mental health conditions, trauma and dysfunction
Focuses more on the present, future and objectives Focuses more on the past and present
Provides deep insight, accountability, motivation, action plans, new ideas and moral support Provides psychological treatment and support
Changes beliefs for the purpose of achieving goals, improving general well-being, performance, productivity and confidence Changes beliefs and perspectives for the purpose of mental health treatment
Tends to have longer sessions and can include contact between sessions Tends to be more time-limited has more boundaries 
Results can be both internal and external (addresses both mind and external world) Results are typically felt internally (addresses mental health)
Has lots of therapeutic potential, can achieve results quickly, though may be unsuitable for highly dysfunctional clients Has potential for personal growth but can take a long time to achieve results