7 Simple and Effective Ways to Manage Stress

Dealing with stress at work and at home can be very challenging. There are some methods, like the Folkman and Lazarus five emotion focused coping strategies that might be able to work. But it all comes down to where you get the stress and also how you deal with it. The aforementioned strategy includes things like escaping avoidance, disclaiming, accepting responsibility and many others.

Avoid eating or drinking too much sugar

While sugar will boost our energy levels, it’s also related to messing up the insulin production in our bodies. That being said, if the blood sugar levels fluctuate, then this will lead to an increase in your stress levels. What you can do is to avoid drinking sodas or anything with a lot of sugar. Also, lower the amount of sugar you add to your diet as well. Drinking more water can help too.

Create a workout routine

One thing to help you manage stress comes in the form of routines. Things like taking care of your hobby at a certain time every week or working out on a strict schedule does help a lot. It gives you a great set of ideas, and results will be very impressive. Being consistent with your exercising routine can make a huge difference.


Meditation is highly linked to lowering stress levels. This might seem one of the simplest ways to deal with stress, but it’s also the most efficient. Meditation allows you to eliminate negativity from your mind and it allows you to focus on what matters. From here to achieving happiness it will be one single step.

Distract yourself at times

Why would you do that? Because focusing too much on work will bring in a lot of stress. What you need is to try and take care of your body and mind. Distract yourself from work, take breaks and don’t hesitate to use systematic relaxation procedures. Even if they might not seem that simple at first, the results they can bring to the table are remarkable. You can also try to find ways to release pent-up emotions. That can be in the form of talking with a friend or going to a psychologist.

Delegate or outsource tasks

If you feel overwhelmed, it’s important to know that there are ways to share your huge workload with others. Outsourcing is one of the best methods you can use to try and delegate tasks and ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can also delegate tasks to others in your business too.

Sleep properly

Studies have shown that if you don’t sleep at least 7-9 hours every night you will have irritability and a lot of stress. Even if it might not seem like a lot at first, if this continues to happen for a while it can bring dire consequences. That means severe headaches, a lack of focus, constant sleepiness and so on. Not to mention you can end up with severe health problems.

Manage your schedule ahead of time

One of the best ways you can lower your daily stress levels is to manage your schedule properly. That means setting up tasks for the next day at the end of your shift. On top of that, it’s also a good idea to start working on the most complex tasks early on in the morning. It will help a lot and you will be very happy with the results and the experience.

At the end of the day, managing stress levels and keeping them under control is never going to be a walk in the park. It’s important to understand how to manage everything properly and how to deal with any stress triggers. Once you learn that and bring things under your control, results will be a lot better!

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