Give yourself the opportunity to start to heal inhibitions and negative feelings. Feel vibrant and energised. This retreat allows you to share your experiences and support each other in a safe and nurturing enviroment.

Group retreats

  • Enhance vitality and find clarity in relation to specific questions and dilemmas
  • Release limiting self beliefs and emotions 
  • Share life experiences in a like minded group

VIP Life Coaching Retreats

With a professional life coach to become the best version of yourself?

The retreat is an opportunity to focus on your personal development, giving you the access to fly away with a life coach to experience a sense of freedom like you have never felt before. Contact us to arrange a bespoke package to suit your needs.

VIP Life Coaching Retreats by Navigate Life Coach


I am passionate about helping other coaches and mentors succeed. Seriously passionate. Having built my own successful business I thrive on helping other coaches/speakers and mentors find the same success.

I have an established coaching practice and love helping clients from across the globe.I also coach and train within schools, businesses and organisations.

I’ve been featured in many major publications such as Metro, and Cosmopolitan. I am also a frequent guest blogger for a variety of people and appear in a number of podcasts and panels.

Being incredibly passionate about my job fuels my passion to help you succeed in yours. I don’t believe in competition but in collaboration. The world needs people to believe in people to help them succeed. 

Having years of experience with both personal development, and business, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Working with me, will have  you access  powerful tools and techniques that I have developed over the years as well as a wealth of experience.

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