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What is a discovery session?

I’m so pleased that you are here and want to schedule a Free Discovery Session.

Coaching is a strategic and curious process that empowers you to overcome your limiting beliefs and take action towards goals that are truly important to you.

A Discovery Session is the ideal place to start your coaching journey. It is an exploratory discussion, not a sales pitch.

I provide this Discovery Session for free because studies show that the most important variable in coaching success is the relationship between the client and the coach.  We both want to know that we are the “right fit” for each other, and this Discovery Session allows us to find this out.

During this session, we’ll have a deep and impactful coaching conversation where we’ll explore who you are, your values, skills and what motivates you, and I will work deeply with you as you discover the possibilities in your life and help you work towards those.

Still wondering if a Discovery Session is right for you?

  • Are you in the middle of a challenging life situation and are looking to work through it with grace, compassion & honest self-inquiry?
  • Feeling stuck & confused by habitual patterns and longing for the clarity & freedom that you know is possible?
  • Feeling accomplished in many areas of your life but have one or two areas that are regularly & confoundingly throwing you off-balance & into upset?
  • During a major life transition—marriage, birth of a child, divorce, death of a loved one, career change—and wanting clarity while navigating all the contradictory emotions & thoughts that are emerging?
  • In traditional therapy and, though useful, sensing you have outgrown this relationship & process?
  • Engaged in self-directed personal & spiritual growth work through books, workshops or trainings and are looking for practical guidance to help you continue & deepen your journey?
  • Wanting to integrate all your awareness about yourself into a feeling of wholeness?
  • Looking for guidance in seeing the events & experiences of your life through a spiritual lens?

What Potential Clients Often Experience

The session can activate your passion, help you define your ideal life and begin to move you into a confidence zone where you can start to plan the career, business or change you long for.

By the end of the session, you’ll gain a profound sense of purpose, clarity of thought, and the impetus pursue your aspirations for sustainable change.

This no obligation, no hard sell session also provides both of us with the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together. If I don’t think we are a good match, I will tell you.

To schedule a free Discovery Session, contact me directly via my Contact Me page and we will find a time that works for us both.

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