How to Move Past the Guilt of Investing in Yourself

We usually consider it worthwhile to invest in everyone and everything around us except for ourselves. If we consider the pros of investing in ourselves, it might be the best investment made that would help us and those around us.
However, the sad truth is, taking care of others has etched so deeply into our psyche that looking after ourselves feels criminal. Self-care should be everyone’s priority but why do we feel guilty about investing in ourselves and can we move past this guilt?

What is the source of your Guilt?

In order to deal with the guilt, we need to identify its source first. It is possible that it has multiple origins. Childhood trauma is often the primordial reason why we feel guilty when we indulge in self-care. For some people, it is the result of failed relationships with parents, siblings, partners or even friends.

Most emotional turmoil forces us to blame ourselves for unwanted outcomes. At the end of a relationship, many people convince themselves that their selfishness ruined their paradise. There could be other reasons as well.
Once you are able to isolate the source of your guilt, the whole process of overcoming it via various means would become easier. This will allow you to embark upon the healing journey.

Why is it important to understand Self-Worth?

Self-worth is the value that you see in yourself. It is the acknowledgment of the fact that you are worthy. A rendezvous with self-worth is possible only when you accept every ounce of yourself. You might have to sit on a roller-coaster ride to discover it but it will be worth it.

Self-worth, in both private and professional life, is your true best friend. It is important because it is the pillar on which your self-esteem stands. Not only does it enable you to trust yourself more, making you a better judge and a leader, it also allows you to demand the love that you deserve.

Ask yourself a simple question, if you don’t think that you are worth the efforts, how will anyone else see it? Losing self-worth creates a Doppler effect that affects all spheres of life.

What can you do to detach yourself from Guilt?
First, you need to acquit your past. We often feel guilty about investing in ourselves when we have been blamed for not doing enough for others. Once you make peace with all those past instances where you were made to believe that you were lacking, you wouldn’t feel out-of-place while taking care of yourself.

If your guilt is coming from the fear of not being enough for others because you were nurturing yourself, you need a new perspective. Even during a flight emergency, we are encouraged to put the oxygen mask on our mouths first and then proceed to help others. Life is no different. You can only share the joys of life when your cup is full. If you are not taken care of, you won’t be able to look after your loved ones as well.

Conclusion – Investing in self is not optional but essential!

You must realize how important you are as a person and how you deserve all the happiness for yourself. Those who are truly concerned with your well-being will always encourage you. They want to see you flourish and thrive.

On the other hand, toxic people would never allow you to become the best version of yourself. They will always ask you to compensate for their shortcomings by blaming you for everything that goes wrong. They will trap you by making you feel guilty for being your own person. These are the people that should not matter to you.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. It is not optional but essential. Your self-worth determines who you are. The more you invest in yourself, the more positive changes you will witness in your surroundings. This leads to a chain reaction. When you are content with yourself, when you are working on yourself, you inspire others as well.

So, without feeling guilty, subscribe to that self-help podcast, hire a life coach, go for a blissful walk, book yourself a spa, go for a massage or take a break and plan a holiday. You deserve it!

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