How to stay positive and find joy in 2022, according to a life coach?

Do you remember the elderly pushing you towards having a positive mindset no matter the situation? Do you recall your parents telling you to calm down and think about the good to happen when the situation told a contradictory story? All this was not because your thinking could reverse a specific situation. The act of thinking about the positive outcomes is often termed as positivity in a common man’s language.

Look around and you can find a multitude of information in various books on positivity. “There are darkness in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”- Bram Stoker mentioned this very motivational and positive quote in his book called Dracula.

Holding onto a positive mindset at times distress could be seen difficult and unpleasant. Pertaining to arduous situations thinking about being positive shall usher our way to irritability, let alone practicing the concept. The ongoing pandemic has brought together the things we usually did not talk about such as positivity. Since the beginning of the pandemic, since the populace got a lot of time in their hands, various previously untouched issues took a stance under the limelight.

Social media is another reason why people have been able to talk endlessly about positivity, positive affirmations, body positivity, and the list goes on. Talking positively about our lives, our bodies, and routine activities of life can impact our lives to a great extent.

Is positivity a real game-changer?

mindset transformation coach who has read multiple books throughout his life asserts that holding a positive attitude towards life can transform lives. Even Psychology has a separate section to talk about positivity. Viewing the significance of the topic, it was time the corporate life coach spoke about it. One of the customary therapy techniques used by psychologists all around the globe, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on reframing negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones.

Cliff adds, “The aim is to attempt to perceive a circumstance or incident that is bothering us with a much more positive and thankful lens.” “Rather than saying ‘I ought to work from home,’ you can say ‘I get to work from home,’ which instantly renders it seem more appealing.”

These days, you can find corporate life coaches specializing in ways to infuse positivity into your lives. These coaches are called positivity coaches too as they eventually help you lead a life full of satisfaction and positivity.

These concepts from around the globe fill up the void of doubt. Some scientific studies have turned in their reports stating the importance of positivity. Take for instance a study stretched for over 30 years that states that negative thinking can alter the immune response of the body. On the other hand, the immune system is boosted if the mind stays positive for most of the time.

Positivity mantras to adopt in 2022- according to life coach

Life coaches who devoted their lives to getting equipped with the right kind of knowledge today believe that positivity shall be a way of life and not merely a part of it. Here are some mantras you can swear by in 2022 to make this year and your life aesthetically positive:

#1 Invest in experiences more than commodities

Instead of a huge cake that would rather find its place in the basin towards the end of the party, invest in a present that you love. Don’t be afraid to give yourself as it is part of self-care. Be it a present or a positive affirmation, you can offer yourself all sorts of happiness. Investing in experiences that mean the world to you is a thousand times better than putting your savings into buying a piece of decor that would lie around some corner in the house.

#2 Be grateful

“Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart but not to burst; it warms it, but not to fever.”-Charlotte Bronte. A mindset transformation life coach implies enough towards maintaining an attitude of gratitude towards life and its components. Each day one can find reasons to be grateful. Saying thanks to the unknown makes your heart big enough. Positivity is poured into a heart that is thankful to the one who sews the seed of the fruit it enjoyed.

#3 Pro-social behaviour

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness.”-Martin Luther King. Helping others in times of need is what keeps the light of hope in us alive when we are in need. The more you help, the more you gain positivity towards life and out of difficult situations.


Joyce Meyer affirms conspicuously in her statement- “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Holding onto positive thoughts and behavior an individual unfolds a beautiful path for himself. Your life does not necessarily be all petals and fragrances, so it’s all good until you are ready to change things positively.

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