I am Proud of My Growth

It is wonderful to say that today I am a different person than the version of me from in the past. I am proud of my changes. I love what drives me in life today. I recognize the importance of celebrating who I am now.

I embrace my values and my self-love. They give me confidence even when making tough decisions.

I know what I deserve and am unafraid to declare that to others. It is freeing to finally commit to accepting only what serves me positively.

Standing up for myself gives me courage. Each time I do it, I am further empowered to make myself a priority. I embrace the idea of living for others, but my first order of business is to strengthen my inner foundation.

Shifting perspectives means representing myself as soft-spoken rather than shy. There is power in silence and I choose to represent it as a strength.

My life choices today are fulfilling because living to make others happy is now a secondary focus. That is a big step for me because of my history of putting myself second. Building myself up makes it possible to share more love with others.

Today, I smile in the mirror because I believe in myself. I evolve from day to day, molded by experience into a person of strength and confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which aspect of my growth is I most proud of?
2. What impact do my friendships have on my confidence to go after my goals?
3. Which areas of my life give me the greatest opportunity to challenge myself?

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