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I trust that if you are reading this page you are interested, intrigued, looking and ready to take steps to make what-ever changes is required and transform your life to live your best version of self and greatest purpose.

To book your coaching sessions please complete the enquiry form. If you would like to discuss your options, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have – call or email.

The Jumpstarter

You’re at the starting block and you have been thinking for some time that you want to start making some life changes and that time is right now.

The Transform

If you are seeking the key to unlock your personal and professional potential then this is the life coaching package for you. This package is for those who wish to invest in themselves. This is a 2-3 months. Total 6 sessions. 1 session – 90 mins. 5 sessions – 60 mins

If you choose this package  you will also see an immense improvement in all areas of your life from career or business to an elevation to health and well being. As your  on-going coaching unfolds expect to see a rise in confidence and a new found clarity to go for your vision. It will seem that life has never felt so good and full of possibility.

The Change

This is a 3-6-month life coaching package designed to give you a quick boost to start making some powerful changes in both your personal and professional life. Total 10 sessions. 1 session – 90 mins. 9 sessions – 60 mins

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This 6 – 12 month intensive  is the premium package for people who want a complete life turn around, real and sustainable results and who want an upgrade in health and well being, more business or career opportunities and to have more time and more money to lead a life of their dreams. Life will seem hugely meaningful and full of purpose, possibility and passion.

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