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Elevated mood and positivity are married together for eternity. One without the other cannot survive. While the two enjoy each other’s company, it is not easy for them to find each other. If you want to remain in a good mood, it is important that you feed it with the perfect food as that would aid you in leading a happier and a more fulfilling life.

However, there are no set ingredients or recipes for this food; it tastes the best when discovered by your own subjective choices. How you treat yourself is connected to how you feel, react and grow. So, make sure you discover and feed your mood the right way so that it behaves well and stays married to positivity.

What is ‘Mood’?

‘Mood’ can casually be understood as a temporary state of mind or feeling which can have either a positive or negative valence. ‘Mood’ is a less intense and specific impression as opposed to emotions and feelings which are more event-specific. It is a personal impression but can be ascertained by others with a simple emphasis on a person’s behaviour and posture.

Positive Mood

When a person feels good on no particular day and is all happy and smiling, we can interpret that the person is in a good mood. The cause of a good mood, however, is very difficult to ascertain since it can be a consequence of a good night’s sleep, absence of stress, a good morning text or just by having the bus ready when already in a hurry. Starting the day with the right mood can have manifold advantages inclusive of better problem-solving skills, better social interaction and a more productive day.

 Negative Mood

Negative moods can occur for no reason in particular and can last for hours, days or weeks altogether. A lazy morning, personal stress, familial problems or no reason to be happy can all contribute to a negative mood. This state of being can have a lot of negative consequences depending on the intensity as well as the duration.

Lack of productivity, failed social relationships, isolation, difficulty in coping with immediate surroundings can be some by-products of a negative mood which can also be compiled with depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem and aggression.

Are Mood Swings Bad for Us?

Having mood swings makes us humans. Absolute control over mood is not only a difficult task but a compulsive disorder as well. Since a change of mood can occur as a result of very small and insignificant quotidian activities, it is absolutely okay to have mood swings.

However, if your mood swings have a strong impact on your daily life, it might be time to work on it by altering your sleeping habits and eating habits. Additionally, since mood swings are subjective and an extension of your personality and life, they can be helped by a personal assessment.

How to stay in a good mood?

Staying in a good mood should not require constant efforts on your part. We are all affected by our surroundings and react to them but following some positive habits can lift our spirits without it being a strenuous task. Some of these include:

  • A proper sleep schedule
  • Going for a brisk walk
  • Unloading your emotions
  • Eating healthy
  • Thinking about the good things in life
  • Laughing a little more
  • Listening to happy music
  • Being generous and loving to people

Following the above activities would surely help you have a better sense of control over your mood and take charge of your activities.


Know yourself better by analyzing your mood swings and feed them with the right food whenever required. Once you are able to control your mood in certain ways, you can be sure of having a happy and a fulfilled life with good social relationships and apt productivity.

It is okay to have variations in how you feel owing to an eventful life, just nourish your mood the right way and you will stand no chance of having a miserable or difficult life. Once in control, you can have stability, healthier relationships and a promising future all to yourself since your mood is one of the major determiners of your behaviour and productivity.

You might also hire a mindset coach to assist you maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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