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The Source by Tara Swart

Life-changing opportunities pass us by every day – now we can train our minds to seize them

With a four-step plan to awaken the power of your brain, this unique guide to life combines science and spirituality in a way that is open-minded and practical. Discover how to:
– Challenge ‘autopilot’ thinking and rewire your brain’s pathways to fulfill your potential
– Manifest the things you want by directing your energy towards your deepest values and ambitions
– Harness the power of visualization to prime your brain to grab opportunities and take control of your future
– Attack life with confidence, dispel fear and avoid negative thinking

Unlock your potential today – you are just four steps away from building a new confidant you.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

Eckhart Tolle explores presence, thinking, and spirituality to help you understand what presence means, how thinking and non-acceptance drive a lot of human pain, and how to live a life that reduces suffering.

Money Mindfulness Daily by Ed JC Smith

Take your life to the next level

Money Mindfulness Daily will help you find your path to purpose regardless of where you are right now, even if you have no idea what you want or where you want to go. You will discover the exact steps to implement your ideas so you can start making an income from this straight away and get the financial security that you have been dreaming of.

Create an income on the side of your full time job and give yourself more choice and freedom in your life to do the things you want to do. Money Mindfulness Daily will help you to find new paths and easy to follow structures that will allow you to dramatically increase your earning potential.

Inside the book you’ll find the actual playbook to understanding your mind on a daily basis so you can build successful habits daily and start earning more, being more effective and taking your life to the next level.

Daring Greatly By Brene Brown

Whether it’s a parent scolding you for doing something wrong, or your boss publicly calling you out on making a mistake, we’ve all had feelings of shame at one time or another. In fact, shame seems like an inherent part of the human condition. But did you know that shame is actually very harmful, and stops us from living up to our full potential?

In this book, you will find out what exactly shame is and where it arises from. You will discover how it engenders a feeling of unworthiness and how it is endemic in our culture.

You’ll also discover the cure for feelings of shame: vulnerability. Vulnerability means the willingness to openly admit failures and weaknesses, and it will help you build up resilience to feelings of shame, and be happier with what you have.

If you then manage to build a culture of vulnerability at work, at school and at home, you’ll rid those places of shame, and find that it results in more creativity, more engagement and healthier families.

You Can Heal Your Life By Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life is the message of a person who has crawled out of victimhood, and this aspect of it has had enormous appeal, particularly to women with similar histories. The essence of Hay’s teaching is love of the self and evaporation of guilt, a process that Hay believes not only makes us mentally free but physically healthy, as the study of psycho-immunology attests. Affirmations are vital in becoming the person we wish to be, and the book contains many to choose from. All the familiar self-help messages are given attention, including breaking free of limiting thoughts, replacing fear with faith, forgiveness, and understanding that thoughts really do create experiences.

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