The Joy of Kindness and Why Sometimes It Can be Hard

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Competing and coping, we deal with direct and indirect stresses every day.

Sometimes it may feel that kindness has been pushed to one side. But in reality, it never goes away. It is there in unexpected and abstract ways. All you have to do is look back and give it a thought.

Start right now. Look back and think about the last time someone was kind to you. I am sure you will find countless experiences when you were feeling low or distressed and someone’s small act of kindness changed your day!

For instance, there are times when you are getting late and someone gladly offers to share his taxi with you.

Or maybe you are lost and someone just stops his car to help you find your way. It often happens in foreign countries that people help you understand the street signs and boards in different languages. Family and friends are always ready to lend a helping hand when you might be short of finances.

From a warm greeting to just a smiling face, it does not matter how big or small the gesture is, these random acts of kindness are sure to bring unexpected joy to you.
Kindness has the power to make you happy. It provides you the relaxation and soothing effect one needs to reduce the stress and anxiety of daily life.

But the process is never one way. It is always reciprocal.

If you smile at someone they will smile back. The feeling of joy, in essence, is a feeling of connection with another being. It makes you feel good about yourself as well.

We need to review our daily routine and see how many times we have been kind to someone and what feelings it has brought to us. The answer is joyful.

However, with all the emotional and wellness benefits it has, as human beings we may sometimes feel a little hard to be kind.

Why? Here are some reasons.

1. You Can Only Give What You Have

If you are not kind at heart, how can you practice kindness to others? It is as simple as this. Many of us find it hard to be kind to the people around us because we lack the true spirit of helping others or making them feel happy.

So, if we want to take full advantage of this wellness skill of kindness, then first need to inculcate this act inside of ourselves.

2. You Are Unable to Relate Yourself to Others

In our busy daily schedules, we often remain isolated from the people around us. Understanding their feelings and problems is therefore not possible. This alienation restricts our ability to be kind to others.

We need to connect with the people around us and relate ourselves to their circumstances. Only then we will be able to identify their needs and be kind to them.

3. Kindness Requires Practice and Patience

Kindness is like any other skill. You may have it inside you, but you cannot master it until you practice it again and again.

To reap the joy of acts of kindness, you need to remain patient and continue giving out to others with strong compassion and dedication.

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