Why work with me?

"I want you to know that you are enough, you always have been."

Why work with me?

Oh my gosh, what a journey it has been for me – healing and learning to move on beyond my limiting self-beliefs. I also learnt that in order to truly succeed, you need the right support network and tribe behind you in order to challenge negativity, fear and judgment. For me it was my family and friends. For you I will be your most supportive cheerleader and help you overcome the challenges to celebrating each success with you. Personal freedom comes when we realise how our greatest pains can actually serve us. Absolute freedom comes when we realize that our stories only have the power and the meaning, we give them. In a single moment we can change our story to change our entire life. My passion in life is to help as many people as I can to move forward and live their best lives. It starts with embracing your uniqueness, respecting yourself and creating personal balance so that you can thrive. My favourite mantra is:

"I’m working on myself,,
for myself,
by myself.”
Sarisha Naidoo

“I want you to know that you are enough,
you always have been.”

Get your inner game right

Before you can achieve your vision, you first need to believe that you can achieve it. With my help you will develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, gaining the mental and emotional skills necessary to be the leader your project, and life, needs.

Develop your vision & strategy

No matter how great the idea trapped inside your head is, its realization depends on your ability to take action. I’ll help you develop your vision, create the strategy that’s going to make it happen and start taking action.

Take action

At some stage you may be visited by a sinking feeling and thoughts such as ‘what was I thinking’ or ‘there’s too much to do’. I’ll help you overcome the overwhelm, put-off procrastination and take regular action to create sustainable momentum that gives you the full life you crave.

Rinse & Repeat

I would love to tell you that this is a linear process and after a few simple steps you will have achieved all you’ve set out to do. In reality, whenever my clients bump into a roadblock, we revisit these three steps and fine tune the mindset, seek clarity and take action.
While my coaching practice has gone from strength to strength, it’s the amazing people that I have managed to engage with that has made this a success. I have had the privilege to work with a diverse set of clients, from divorced ladies, CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs, students and stay-at-home mums. But they all have the same things in common – they’ve hit a crossroad, a roadblock or a brick wall and have been struggling with anxiety which has led them on a downward spiral of low self-esteem. And they ask the same question. How do I get there? How do I change my life?

When you work with me it’s like finally being given permission to say and want all the things you’ve never dared to admit. And it’s a two-way street. I’m not the kind of coach who’ll just sit and ask you insightful, thought provoking questions and leave you to figure out the rest. I want to see each and every one of my clients achieve transformation in their lives, so alongside giving you permission to dream I’ll also expect you to dig deep, to be open to all possibilities and to muster the courage needed to take the action that will change your life.

Wow… this just got interesting
If you are reading this, there’s something special about you.
Why? Because people like you (who’ve read to the end of the story) are much more likely to have what it takes. I can help anyone get confidence, clarity and results, but they have to be committed. They have to trust. Like I said above, hard work and magic.
So, you’ve read my story – now I’m keen to know yours. Drop me an email via this link, and tell me what’s going on with you, or schedule a call and tell me in person.
I look forward to talking.

Sarisha Naidoo xxx

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