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<a href="">Demonstrating Self-Reliance Increases My Confidence</a>

November 18, 2022/

Demonstrating Self-Reliance Increases My Confidence Life is a fascinating mix of exhilaration, joy, and fear of the unknown. I am sometimes unsure of what is around the next corner. So, I realize I must strive each day to depend more on myself. Life requires me to be self-reliant. To me, being self-reliant means…

<a href="">I am Worthy of My Dreams</a>

November 3, 2022/

I am Worthy of My Dreams I have big dreams and I expect to achieve these dreams. I have earned the right to expect great things to happen in my life. If I do my part, I know I can achieve my goals and expectations. I deserve for good things to happen in…

<a href="">Why Happiness is So Important</a>

October 27, 2022/

Why Happiness is So Important Happiness has more importance than just feeling good. Happiness is also important to your health, longevity, success, and relationships. The importance of happiness is often discounted in a culture obsessed with material success, but it’s hard to purchase something that will make you happy in the long-term. Your…

<a href="">How to Turn a Bad Day Into an Amazing Day</a>

October 18, 2022/

How to Turn a Bad Day Into an Amazing Day Have you ever had a bad day and decided to throw in the towel? A bad day can make you feel like giving up and waiting for tomorrow to come. However, a bad day can be saved. You really don’t get that many…

<a href="">7 Ways to Arrange Your Life to Support Your Goals</a>

October 11, 2022/

7 Ways to Arrange Your Life to Support Your Goals If you have huge goals, working on them here and there whenever it’s convenient will delay ever reaching those goals. If you arrange your life in such a way that supports those goals, however, all aspects of your life will be working together…

<a href="">I am Proud of My Growth</a>

September 14, 2022/

I am Proud of My Growth It is wonderful to say that today I am a different person than the version of me from in the past. I am proud of my changes. I love what drives me in life today. I recognize the importance of celebrating who I am now. I embrace…

<a href="">5 Easy Ways to Create Joy Today</a>

September 7, 2022/

5 Easy Ways to Create Joy Today Joy doesn’t have to be hard to manifest in your life. You can create it by making a conscious effort to have more happiness. Joy is an important mindset. It’s not just about what happens to you. Your reactions to events, circumstances, people, and situations are…


August 8, 2022/

WHAT I LEARNED FROM LOVING THE WRONG PERSON In the past, I used to think that getting into a relationship meant spending time with someone who is going to take care of you and love you unconditionally. Unfortunately, this is not always, how long-term relationships turn out. Sometimes, we choose wrong for ourselves…

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